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Within the framework of comprehensive tax advisory services we offer our clients consulting in the field of Research and Development (R&D) as a promotion of science development in the Czech Republic.

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In modern history, the Czech Republic and, in fact, all of Central Europe belonged to highly industrialized parts of Europe. Therefore, interest of our country in investments not only in the area of production, but also in the area of scientific and technological research and development are apparent and obvious. During the last fifteen years, there has been a large inflow of foreign direct investments. They prosper from advantages of the Czech Republic’s location in Central Europe, well-educated and qualified labour force, lower and more competitive prices even for very qualified work or for the access to Central and East European markets. Economic progress of the Czech Republic is significantly connected with the further development and practical application of scientific conclusions and research results.

Therefore, in 2005 Czech government introduced a substantial amendment of Czech Income Taxes Act. Taxpayers were given a possibility to deduct their expenses incurred in connection with research and development activities from their tax base not only as expenses, but also in the form of credit.

Such provision belongs amongst one of the most liberal in the whole European Union. Besides the Council of the Government of the Czech Republic for Research and Development, the Chamber of Tax Advisors worked on the related methods and legislation as well.

Should you need more information concerning the issues of R&D in the Czech Republic or concerning the comprehensive investment project preparation, please do not hesitate and contact us. Our experts took part in a certified educational programme focused on R&D and its tax consequences.