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The experts of Euro-Trend, s.r.o. also specialise in valuation of all forms of business property including valuation of enterprises and their part, financial assets, securities, real estates, movable assets etc.

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Ing. Jiří Nekovář, Ph.D.


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Since 2000, Euro-Trend, s.r.o., has been a member of the Czech Chamber of Property Assessors. By decision of the Ministry of Justice on January 5th, 2004, Euro-Trend, s.r.o., became an Expert Institute for activities in the field of economics and since that time has been registered in the List of Expert Institutes.

Our experts have high professional knowledge and long-term experience in the field of valuation of various types of assets and financial analysis. They also possess comprehensive information database and a detailed knowledge of the Czech real estate property market.

We realize:

  • valuation of enterprises or their parts,
  • valuation of financial assets, shares and ownership interests in business companies,
  • valuation of securities and their derivatives,
  • valuation of real property and constructions,
  • valuation of movable assets,
  • valuation of intangible assets and property rights,
  • valuation of cessions of receivables,
  • guarantee and other types of securing.

Our expert team offers elaboration of valuations and expert opinions for the following purposes:

  • tax purposes,
  • purposes required by the Law of Commercial Corporations,
  • purposes required by the Act on transformation of commercial companies and cooperatives (Transformation Act),
  • for collateral and financing purposes,
  • for purposes of insolvency,
  • for purposes of lawsuits,
  • negotiations about price,
  • offsetting between partners,
  • valuation of property of mutual funds.

An Expert Opinion can serve not only to determine the value of the assets for legally defined purposes but also as a means of supporting a purchase or sale.