Transfer Pricing

For the purposes of transactions between economically or personally associated entities we ascertain applicable transfer prices.

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Transfer prices are charged or paid upon the transfer of physical goods and intangible assets or upon the supply of services between economically or personally associated entities. These transactions concern transfer of goods, intangible assets and services. Transactions between associated enterprises must meet the arm’s length principle, i.e. transactions between associated enterprises must follow the same or similar conditions as if it had been made between independent enterprises within common market relations.

Our group of experts is prepared to offer you advice particularly with:

  • strategies and policies for transfer pricing,
  • transfer pricing analysis, which allows to assess the price for transactions between related persons in accordance with arm’s length standard,
  • preparation of compulsory transfer pricing documentation,
  • restructuring of a present company structures in the context of tax optimization,
  • backing at proceedings with tax administration authorities,
  • preparation of a Binding Ruling on Transfer Prices in related-person transaction.