Our Group is formed by following companies.

Euro-Trend, s.r.o. was incorporated in 1994. It followed up to the activities of the Euro-Trend co-operative. From the very beginning it was intended as a consulting company. The majority owner is Mr. Jiří Nekovář, who is also an Executive Officer of the company. The other Executive Officer is Mrs. Eva Mrázová.

Euro-Trend, s.r.o. specialises in provision of services in the field of economic and tax consulting and valuation. Since 2004, Euro-Trend, s.r.o. has become an Expert Institute for activities in the field of economics. By the decision of the Ministry of Justice of 5 January 2004, Expert Institute Euro-Trend, s.r.o., was registered in the List of Expert Institutes.

Since its establishment in 1993, Katnek Securities, a.s. has been a member and later also a shareholder of the Prague Stock Exchange. Thanks to the Czech National Bank licence to trade in foreign securities, the company was also active in the New York Stock Exchange. On the capital market of the Czech Republic it was successfully active up to January 1999.

The company wasn’t a member of any greater financial group. It wasn’t supported by foreign investments either. With regard to capital concentration in this area and after careful evaluation of future possible development, the unique shareholder of the company decided to leave the stock exchange and to stop doing business in securities in 1999.

Currently, Katnek Securities, a.s. uses its broad experience from previous activities and specialises in economic consulting.

Since 1995, ZVP s.r.o. has focused on individual consultancy for private clients. The sole partner and also an Executive Officer is Mr. Jiří Nekovář.

Currently, ZVP s.r.o. specialises in comprehensive investment consulting.