“… Raising of reputation and goodwill of a company is possible only by means of raising a number of its contented clients…“

The Chamber of Tax Advisers of the Czech Republic was an observer of Confédération Fiscale Européenne (CFE) from 1994 and it became a member of the CFE in 1998.

The most important goals of the CFE are as follows:

  • protection of tax advisors’ professional interests and assurance of tax advisors’ service quality,
  • information exchange about tax codes and rules of particular countries and tax law coordination activities in Europe,
  • relation keeping with responsible bodies at national and international levels and effort of contributing with practical specialists’ experience from all tax matters to the responsible EU bodies for enhancement of acquis communautaire.

The membership of the Chamber of Tax Advisers of the Czech Republic in the CFE serves to the Euro-Trend as an important advantage in issues of international tax advisory services.

Jiří Nekovář is a member of Czech Institute of Internal Auditors (ČIIA). ČIIA is a non-profit organization of internal auditors with the aim of support and enforcement of internal audit development in the Czech Republic. ČIIA is a national institute of the international institute IIA / The Institute of Internal Auditors Inc., established in USA in 1941 and which represents today more than 180 000 members in more than 190 countries.

The International Fiscal Association (IFA) is the only non-governmental and non-sectoral international organisation dealing with fiscal matters. Its objects are the study and advancement of international and comparative law in regard to public finance, specifically international and comparative fiscal law and the financial and economic aspects of taxation.
Membership of IFA now stands at nearly 12,500 from 110 countries. In 66 countries IFA members have established IFA Branches. Among IFA members are high level representatives from both the private and the public sectors, including the Courts, Universities and international governmental and non-governmental organizations.

The International Fiscal Association, Czech Republic (IFA CZ) is the Czech branch of the International Fiscal Association with its headquarters in the Netherlands. The association has currently more than 80 members.
Along with the increasing internationalization of the world’s economies, international tax issues have become more numerous and of greater importance. Meetings aim to share knowledge, consider international taxation issues from various perspectives and introduce new topics while taking into account international developments.

The employees of Euro-Trend, s.r.o., and EURO-Trend Audit are experts in their field of activities. This fact is supported by the list of the publications whose authors or co-authors they are.

One of them is the book entitled “Taxation of the not-for-profit sector organisations”, written by Helena Stuchlíková in cooperation with Sofia Komrsková. The book was issued by the ANAG/Andragogos Agency publishing house. It deals with taxation of organisations of the not-for-profit sector, especially allowance organisations, regions, municipalities, civil associations, public universities, public research institutions and public service companies. Practical issues are included as well. The authors update the book on a regular basis. Currently, the 7th edition is available.

Another book was written by Petr Ryneš “Double-entry accounting and financial statements for entrepreneurs”. It was issued by the ANAG/Andragogos Agency publishing house. The book serves as a guide through the double-entry accounting topics. It contains the commentary interpretation of selected accounting areas, interpretation of the implementing legislation, collection of correspondences of accounts, Accounting Act, Czech accounting standards and other regulations related to double-entry accounting.

The third publication is a book written by Petr Ryneš as well. It is entitled “Cash-Flow in financial statements – commentary, exercises”. It was issued by ANAG/Andragogos Agency. The publication interprets cash flow issues related to the financial statements of entrepreneurs. It is updated on a regular basis.

Another publication is the book “Model agreement on abolition of double taxation of income and property”. Kristýna Šimáčková participated at its translation. The publication was issued by the publisher Wolters Kluwer ČR, a.s. together with the Czech and Slovak Chambers of Tax Advisors in November 2009. The book embodies a commentary to the model OECD Tax Treaty. In the Czech language it is issued for the first time. The publication contains a full text of the Model Tax Treaty as of July 17th 2008. It is issued in the wording of its seventh update. The commentary and interpretation of single paragraphs and terms used in the agreement are also included. Moreover, there are exceptions and statements of OECD member and non-member states. A useful tool is an English-Czech dictionary of the Tax Treaty basic terms.

The same author, Kristýna Šimáčková, translated the book “EC VAT Directives – practical commentary” issued by the publisher “1. VOX” in February 2010. This publication contains the first brief commentary on the VAT Directive (Council Directive No. 2006/112/EC of 28 November 2006 on the common VAT system) issued in the Czech language. Besides their own commentary on particular paragraphs, the authors presented all important decisions of the European Court of Justice as well. The reader of this publication can also find a comprehensive overview of basic principles of the EC VAT law interpretation.

The last book is called “Tax recipe-book”. It was written by the team of authors where Jan Horešovský and Kristýna Šimáčková are the authors of the part concerning VAT. It was issued by the LexisNexis CZ publishing house. The book contains a comprehensive approach to tax matters. It clearly and in detail describes all the tax types. It is a guide for everybody who is involved in taxes, i.e. entrepreneurs, businesspersons, whether individuals or legal entities.